Strengthen your brand loyalty.

We are your expert partners and can help you get the best results from the Scandinavian market for destinations, resorts, spas hotels and cruise lines. Our local contact network is built on years of successful relationships with all the significant players. We know how to identify emerging trends in the travel industry and can leverage brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty to help you maintain a competitive edge.

National Tourist Offices

In the ever changing travel industry it is important to be able to identify emerging trends that benefit our clients in the long run. We are able to make an impact using all the tools and channels that we have built up over the years on the Scandinavian market. Destination marketing is one of the things we do best.


Representing luxury hotels on the Scandinavian market is an area in which we excel. Our experienced team can help with local strategies and know how to get the most from social media and other beneficial channels. In addition to serving well established properties we can also play a key role in re-positioning or launching new facilities.

Cruise Lines

The luxury cruise market is highly competitive as we all know. Our contact network and special events have helped some of the most well-known luxury cruise operators to claim their share of the coveted Scandinavian market.

Resorts & Spas

Representing luxury resorts and spas is a big part of our business and we have proven success with some of the world’s top destinations. The lucrative Scandinavian market is our home turf and we know how to leverage brand awareness to position your product.